For many of us, that stock-taking exercise will include assessing where we are with our personal and professional development. IMA® highly values continued professional development. We expect it of our global staff, who are currently preparing their own development goals for the next year and identifying areas for improvement and “stretch.” We also expect it from our members, so much so that we require 30 hours of continuing professional education for all of those who have earned the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification.

One of the things that lifelong learners do is continually assess where they are on their journey: whether they have the skills and resources necessary to accomplish their future goals or whether those goals need to be refined or even defined. Sometimes those are hard questions to answer. Some of us may have the desire to achieve a goal, but we may lack the necessary training or background to attain it. Others may have an “alphabet soup” of initials after our name, indicating advanced degrees and certifications, but we may be uncertain about our long-term goals or how to make the best use of our talent for the good of ourselves, our organizations, and society.

CareerDriver® can help answer those questions. A free IMA member benefit, CareerDriver is a great way to assess where you are, where you want to be headed, and what you need to get there. We recently updated CareerDriver to reflect the enhanced IMA Management Accounting Competency Framework, which identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities that accounting and finance professionals need, grouped into six domains: Leadership; Strategy, Planning & Performance; Reporting & Control; Technology & Analytics; Business Acumen & Operations; and Professional Ethics & Values.

Through an easy, three-step process, CareerDriver enables you to (1) assess your skills; (2) plan your path by building a customized development plan with the help of more than 1,000 resources, including self-study courses, webinars, publications, and on-the-job activities; and (3) envision your future through the matching of your skills to 46 management accounting job roles. Members who have used the tool have discovered that it’s a great resource for any phase of their career journey.

If you haven’t yet tried CareerDriver, I urge you to spend some time exploring it. Find out where you are in your career journey and let IMA help you navigate your way.

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