What’s next? In the face of our ever-globalizing economy, IMA® must lead our next 50,000 CMAs, our next 100,000 members, and our next generation of management accountants to CEOs in charting their course amid disruptive emerging technologies like blockchain, industry consolidation, and doing business in places and in ways we’ve never dreamed. This means the core competencies of a CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) as an internal advocate, analyst, reporter, and custodian of corporate assets and activities are more important than ever, especially as we help drive companies to compete with new challengers from every direction and try to maximize incremental margin in every decision. Competence, agility, and good business sense—all of what IMA membership stands for—will help keep members at the top of their game, delivering true value in every sense of the word.

Throughout these very personal journeys we call our careers, and in answering the charge to deliver, IMA is your best resource, with you every step of the way. Here are a few ways IMA can create immense value for you:

  • CMA certification, the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals.
  • The new CSCA™ (Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis) certification, which enhances CMAs’ expertise in strategic planning, competitive analysis, and decision making.
  • CareerDriver®, our career management tool.
  • IMA Leadership Academy, which supports the development of members’ leadership education and skills.
  • Thought leadership, such as our Statements on Management Accounting (SMAs), C-suite reports, white papers on topics impacting the profession and our members, and our publications.
  • Networking, including our popular Annual Conference & Expo and Annual Student Leadership Conference, as well as opportunities and support provided by local IMA chapters and councils.
  • Continuing Professional Education, which enables members to keep current with developments in the profession.
  • Advocacy, which ensures we have a voice at the table with standards setters.

It’s my hope and aspiration that your IMA can be of true value and a key to your success now and throughout your entire career.

I welcome your comments and invite you to reach out to me at aeng@imanet.org.

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