You always come first. Members matter. The profession might evolve; the world might change. But your professional future will always be our top priority.

In 2016, we supported our 80,000+ members by sustaining growth, maintaining a strong balance sheet, delivering innovative and valued products, enhancing member and staff competencies, and launching a new CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) ad campaign through TV, radio, print, and web in several major U.S. cities. Now you can promote the CMA from these engaging ads as well as from your résumé and digital badge as affirmations of your hard work.

Financial discipline and a strong balance sheet also have emboldened IMA to create greater awareness of the CMA program around the world in the face of heavy competition. Besides the minting of our 50,000th CMA, July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016, saw a 21% increase in the number of new candidates and a 9% jump in new CMAs.

We’ve expanded our global reach by opening our newest international office—this one in Singapore—and we continue to deliver local services in all our global regions, including a complete bilingual experience in China and the establishment of our eighth chapter there. Also, the IMA Research Foundation recently granted its millionth dollar as part of its mission to advance thought leadership in critical areas of practitioner interest.

Growth is impossible without innovation, and at IMA we believe that constant improvements in how we serve members are essential. Among our achievements in 2016 was launching a new book product line that delves into job-relevant and industry-current topics such as controllership, globalization, and innovation.

Member tools and products promote career and educational advancement in innovative ways as well. CareerDriver®, our career management tool, has helped thousands of members assess skills, create development plans, and explore career options. Our Chinese Learning Management System, fully in Mandarin, paves the way in creating an immersive, culturally specific educational experience. “The Slippery Slope of Greed,” our new ethics course, brings a fresh, engaging look into a real-life case study on internal controls.

In addition, IMA is committed to enhancing the core competencies of both members and staff. Our Competency Framework, published this year for career guidance and talent management, provides a foundational resource on the most crucial practice areas of the profession. We truly believe that, used in conjunction with CareerDriver, the Framework will help you enrich your capabilities and value.

These efforts are just a few of the ways that IMA provides the best possible service for members. Look for our Annual Report on the IMA website soon for further details. You matter to us more than anything else at IMA, and we’re excited to find new ways to connect in 2017. The best, as they say, is still in store.

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