Four goals lie at the heart of our strategy:

(1) win additional market share and grow the CMA program substantially with an aggressive pipeline-building effort in the United States and outside, where growth has been higher;

(2) drive member retention by delivering tangible value through programs, products, and services;

(3) raise awareness in the student/academic market to increase membership and reach the Young CMA-Certified Professional of tomorrow; and

(4) master technology that directly impacts members and our value proposition.

To propel this strategy, in early September we are launching our first-ever comprehensive advertising campaign in the U.S. to supplement the significant programs already in place abroad. We’ll actively target potential CMAs through mainstream television, radio, print, and digital marketing in an innovative campaign that brings our credential to life in a way you’ve never seen before. The theme of the new CMA campaign is “You’ve Got to Earn It.”

Around the country on commercial sets and photo shoots, we’ve developed eye-catching content that will run in late-night television spots, in magazines, and on national and local radio. If you live in New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Houston, or Phoenix, look for our commercial. If you’re elsewhere, catch it on our social media. Then stay tuned—in the future, the CMA TV ads could come to your hometown!

This exciting campaign will be supported by other solid endeavors beginning with a new look and feel to the IMA website that features more tangible information and personalized experiences for visitors. We’ll also keep engaging audiences through Campus Influencers, chapters and councils, and cutting-edge offerings in continuing education and thought leadership.

As you can see, exciting things are unfolding at IMA, and you can be a part of it! Use YouTube to share our TV ad on social media. Host a “viewing party” by streaming and projecting the TV spot from YouTube at a chapter meeting. Tell us your CMA story. Become a viral and real-life word-of-mouth marketer. No matter which venue you choose, your voice counts. Help spread the word today!

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