• the factors that can enhance credibility and trust, internally and externally, in relation to emerging forms of external reports;

  • the types of professional services covered by the IAASB’s international standards most relevant to these reports, in particular assurance engagements;

  • the key challenges in relation to assurance engagements; and

  • the type of guidance that might be helpful to support the quality of these assurance engagements.

IAASB Chairman Arnold Schilder states, “The IAASB needs to be at the forefront of the debates on external reporting and how professional accountants and other practitioners can contribute to enhancing credibility and trust.” IAASB hopes to “contribute to the quality of different engagements, in the public interest, and where others can or need to play a role.”

Integrated Reporting Working Group Chair Merran Kelsall adds, “We have identified ten key challenges in relation to assurance engagements that we would like to explore further, recognizing the need for flexibility in these services as the external reporting environment continues to evolve and mature.” The Working Group seeks feedback in order to best respond to these developments in the standards and guidance.

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