When you opened this newly designed issue, you may have said to yourself, “Wow! Wonder why they made such a transformation?” After all, Strategic Finance continues to win industry awards year after year and rates very highly in all of IMA’s customer needs and satisfaction surveys. Put simply, change is necessary for continuous innovation and for providing fresh ideas and greater opportunities for engagement.  

A major move is that all online content is now open to the public. As a nonprofit, our mission is to provide a forum for research, practice development, education, knowledge sharing, and advocacy of the highest ethical and best business practices in management accounting and finance. Making Strategic Finance digitally accessible to everyone, not just IMA members, will advance thought leadership for the profession and for others who use our resources, such as teachers, students, business professionals, and libraries. As we share our services and focus on the needs of our readers, we strive to make a difference in the industry and create better awareness of our organization.  

The magazine also has a brand-new website (SFmagazine.com) with ways to share information on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn so you can have a more engaging, empowering, and exciting experience. Strategic Finance articles will be available in a digital format that’s easy to read, share, and print, and the website’s responsive design will let you read them anytime, anywhere on the digital device of your choice. An added feature: SF Technotes will now appear as a biweekly blog. We want to share content that’s important to you in the way you want to receive it.  

By modernizing the look and feel of the magazine, opening it up to the public, and enhancing the features, we hope we increase its value and impact to the reader and the profession.  

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts with me.  


President and CEO

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