A panel of independent judges selected the top four videos out of the submitted entries, and then these videos were shared on IMA’s Facebook page. Voters then chose the Grand Prize by “liking” their favorite video. The Grand Prize was awarded to “I Will Earn It. (The Road to Becoming a CMA),” a video by a Philippines-based team: Patricia Adora G. Alcala, Fernando P. Tiu Jr., Alexis Paul M. Rodriguez, Angelo B. Manzano, and Monique N. Eballa. Designed as a video game, this video features a student overcoming various obstacles on his way to earning the CMA certification.

The other top videos were:

2nd Place: “CMA Rap” by a team from Anderson University in Indiana: Gregory Kaufinger, Dominic Martin, Zach Whitaker, Nick Smith, and Logan Hauer.

3rd Place: “You’ve Got to Earn It” by students from the University of Pittsburgh: Dylan Shaffer, Jacob Nikituk, Michael Coutinho, and Christine Barthen.

4th Place: “Financial Pros” by Chance Harris, Catherine Harris, Haley Harris, and Matt Kornely.

You can view the top videos on IMA’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/IMAnetORG/videos.

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