To be a successful management accountant, one must develop critical thinking skills. As Big Data becomes a larger part of business, we’ll need accountants who are able to analyze the data quickly, see the results within the context of a larger picture, and make business decisions based on valid conclusions. You’ll also need to know when to question the results and when to trust them. You can develop critical thinking skills in various ways, such as participating in an escape room with a group of friends, taking a philosophy class, or joining the debate team.


Written and spoken communication skills are a must in any organization and are especially important for management accountants starting their career. Being a good communicator will help you write more convincing reports and give more engaging presentations to management. You can sharpen these skills by taking a public speaking or writing class or by joining an improvisation club on campus.


Again, there are multiple ways to broaden your perspective. One of my favorite ways, and the easiest way, to accomplish this is to read books that have little to do with accounting or business. A good novel opens doors to other cultures and helps you understand people better, heightening your empathy skills. Not only will you enjoy the book, but you will become a better student overall, a better worker, and a better citizen.

What are your tips for your fellow students this semester? What groups are you participating in on campus that help you develop your professional skills?


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