Peter J. Dolan, a tax partner at KPMG LLP, has been named Chair-Elect of the IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) Global Board of Directors for the fiscal 2024-2025 period, which means he will be IMA Chair for 2025-2026.


Dolan has spent 37 years in public accounting, including the past 27 years as a tax partner with KPMG. He has held numerous leadership roles in KPMG’s Global Mobility Services practice, leading the global, U.S., and German practices.


Dolan earned a BBA in finance and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated with honors. He also received a master of arts degree in early modern European history from Wayne State University, a master of science degree in personal financial planning from the College for Financial Planning, and a Master of Professional Studies in human resource management from Georgetown University. A true global citizen and professional, Dolan has lived and worked in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, and Japan.


Peter Dolan and his family climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015.


Reflecting on his global experience both in the profession and as an IMA member, Dolan says, “Since joining IMA in the early 1990s, I’ve had many meaningful experiences, each of them associated with interactions with our members from around the world. I’ve spent my career living and working across the globe, and my passion for working abroad began as a very junior accountant when I had the opportunity to work in Japan.”


He continues, “Through these experiences, I’ve discovered how much I enjoy being immersed in new cultures. I’ve seen that in our differences, there is so much we can learn. My interactions with our global members continue to inform my worldview, as I learn from every member and grow through the interactions we share. I’m looking forward to continuing to exchange perspectives on the state of the profession, the challenges of our members, and the future of a profession that will be very different from that in which I started working.”


Dolan has served two terms as a member of the IMA Global Board of Directors, previously chaired IMA’s Performance Oversight and Audit Committee, and is the current chair of IMA’s Strategic Planning Committee. Dolan earned his CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification in 1994 and later obtained both the CFM® (Certified Financial Manager) and CSCA® (Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis) certifications in 2007 and 2017, respectively. He also holds several human resources certifications.


Describing his priorities in his role as Chair-Elect, Dolan says, “IMA’s brand continues to grow globally, and I’m committed to doing everything possible to build upon and continue that growth. Having led businesses in both the U.S. and abroad, I bring a strategic perspective to IMA’s Board. I’m more than willing to challenge the status quo in search of higher performance. That’s why I believe we need to regularly ask our teams both “Why?’ and ‘Why not?’” 


One of Dolan’s major areas of focus is to make IMA the “primary professional hub for our members, a place where they can come to build skills and knowledge, irrespective of their experience and career journey. In a profession full of emerging issues and technologies, our certifications and educational offerings must continue to evolve to be of highest value. IMA must be committed to producing content that meets the needs of our members both today and in the future, and we must take input from our members to ensure we are consistently satisfying their needs,” he says.


In addition to his volunteer commitments at IMA, Dolan also serves on the boards of multiple civic, educational, and charitable organizations. He also enjoys some interesting hobbies. He describes himself as an “adventure enthusiast,” having taken some adrenaline-inducing risks, including jumping from planes and from the highest bungee jump in the world.


“My family and I have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and trekked up to Mount Everest Base Camp,” he says. “I’ve hiked the Camino de Santiago and been on several safaris throughout Africa. I’ve been very fortunate to travel to places and have experiences that were incredibly rewarding. I’m always happy to engage with others who share a love for travel and adventure.”

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