I’m an academic by profession, and in my role, I’m the director and dean of the Welingkar Institute of Management (We School) in Bangalore, India. I also serve on the academic boards of several universities and colleges. Given that most of my life’s work has been geared toward students, it isn't surprising that my first volunteering experience with IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) began with the Bangalore Chapter in 2020, when I began serving as the director of student relations. In 2021, I became president of the chapter, a position I still hold.


My involvement with the Bangalore Chapter began because of my commitment to go above and beyond the routine expectations of my job and my belief in taking initiative to inspire others to work collaboratively and creatively. Throughout my career, I’ve tried to demonstrate transformative and innovative leadership skills by empowering groups, fostering effective change, and contributing to an organization’s success by maintaining successful relationships. I’ve done this in my role within my educational institution—where I’ve helped to promote the institution’s mission, vision, and core values internally and externally within the local community and the state, and at the national and international levels—and I’ve tried to take this same approach to my volunteering role within IMA.


I’m pleased that, during my tenure as chapter president, our chapter has been able to accomplish so much. For example, we’ve been able to offer continuing professional education (CPE) sessions on many contemporary topics like environmental, social, and governance; design thinking; and innovation. We’ve also invited international IMA staff and volunteer leaders—including Chair-Emeritus Gwen van Berne and former Chair Sandra Richtermeyer, among others—to conduct our CPE sessions, which were well-received by the global online and in-person attendees. We were even the first chapter in India to develop a newsletter, featuring interesting items like finance-based crosswords and puzzles, a word grid with finance terms, and more.


Our chapter is still very committed to reaching students and to spreading awareness about the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification. For example, the chapter hosted an in-person CPE event, CMA Nxt 2022, on the role of technology in finance, and, in 2023, the chapter organized a conference for CMA students, featuring technical sessions and soft skill workshops. Both events received great feedback from participants. The chapter also nurtures and mentors the student chapter of Christ University and successfully added a second student chapter, at Jain University, in November 2023. The Bangalore Chapter plans to add two more student chapters in 2024 to encourage young CMAs, which again will be a first among the other chapters in India.


Most of my experience at IMA has been driven by my belief in individual social responsibility, and I firmly advocate for the cause of diversity, equity, and inclusion every chance I get. I’m glad that IMA shares this commitment. Since 2015, I’ve volunteered as a mentor for women microentrepreneurs as part of my role as an educator for activities of the National Entrepreneurship Network. I also run Padhaai, a not-for-profit and voluntary organization that promotes inclusive education. The social activism of Padhaai contributes toward the education of underprivileged children, especially girls, in rural areas. I’m proud to say that the Bangalore Chapter, under my leadership, has sponsored a girl student in need of financial support for IMA membership, certification, and exam preparation.


In addition to my role as Bangalore Chapter president, I’m happy to be involved in various other worthwhile volunteer initiatives at IMA. I serve as a member of the Committee on Academic Relations, the IMA Research Foundation, the India Regional Advisory Council, and the India Chapter Leadership Group, and as an evaluator for the Student Case Competition in India. I’m also a member of the IMA Leadership Academy and assist with new course development. I was also recognized with the R. Lee Brummet Exemplary Educator Award in 2023.

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