This new format provides an alternative online reading experience featuring the same layout and design that fans of the SF print edition know so well. We’ve put together a few tips to help users navigate the digital edition.  

  1. Use the arrows on the left and right of the window to turn the pages:
  1. The scroll bar along the bottom of the screen can be used to navigate the issue quickly and see page thumbnails:
  1. Controls for zoom and full-screen mode are to the right of the scroll bar:
  1. Available links will flash when a page first opens. Use them to navigate within the digital edition or to other web pages.
For example, the red SF at the end of an article will take you back to the table of contents:     Formatted web links (in blue) will take you to the referenced web page:    

An article’s title will open that article for reading on

    And highlighted article titles in the table of contents will take you to that page within the digital edition:  

For any questions or problems using the digital edition, please contact Enjoy the SF digital edition!


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