The pandemic and recent weather events around the world have made it all too apparent that major disruptive events, however defined, are becoming the new normal of business.   We management accountants play a vital role in guiding our organizations through the fog of uncertainty. With our expertise in balance sheet management, scenario planning, and enterprise risk management, we help ensure that our organizations are ready for whatever challenges arise. To be prepared, we must invest in activities that support the core values and mission of our organizations and anticipate how we’ll need to build for the future.   IMA® has been a mission-driven organization throughout its more than 100-year history, dedicated to making choices that deliver value to our members. IMA is continually seeking new ways to fulfill that promise, including finding new approaches to delivering that value and providing new resources to help members guide their organizations through uncertainty, enhance their careers, and serve the wider world.   I’m very proud of the many developments either in the works or recently completed that reflect IMA’s commitment to building for the future. Some of these include:  
  • New markets and offices: We opened a new office in Egypt and expect to open additional overseas offices soon to deliver better local engagement.
  • New certificate programs: To keep members informed about the latest in-demand topics, we unveiled two new certificate programs: one in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and another in sustainable business management.
  • New partners: As part of our commitment to the diversification of the profession, particularly at senior levels, we formed a strategic alliance with NABA Inc. (National Association of Black Accountants).
  • New research: IMA collaborated on major studies covering topics such as DE&I, the state of the controllership function (with Deloitte), and environmental, social, and governance reporting.
  • New ad campaign: To highlight the need for skilled CMAs and demonstrate how CMAs can step up to leadership roles, we launched a new global ad campaign for the seventh consecutive year.
  Building for the future also means taking care of those who enable us to deliver our mission. At IMA, that means our talented, committed staff, in which we foster the same spirit of innovation and continuous improvement in serving members’ evolving needs. For example, we not only encourage IMA staff to pursue educational and development opportunities for themselves, but we also fund and financially reward employees who earn professional certifications and advanced degrees.   In a business environment challenged by extreme uncertainty, instability, and downturns, building for the future can and should be a top priority—for our members, for our organizations, and for IMA.  

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