IMA’s Campus Influencers program began in January 2016, inspired by the dedicated on-campus outreach of Jimmie Smith, who passed away in 2019. His legacy lives on, as the program reached more than 4,000 students attending 126 presentations at more than 100 schools last year.

Today, more than 330 volunteers are part of the Campus Influencers program, and a handful are “Superstars,” who made at least four campus visits in 2021:

Michael Lovelace, CMA, CPA, CISA

Marvin Rosen

Jim Smith, CPA

Bernice Jenkins, CMA, CPA

Derek Fuzzell, CMA, CSCA, CPA

Misal Panchal, CPA

Addison LePere

Amanda Craig

The program seeks two kinds of volunteers: (1) those who identify schools and universities and contact accounting professors and accounting department chairs, and (2) those who make presentations to accounting classes and student clubs. Sometimes, a Campus Influencer fills both roles or, sometimes, just one.

Speakers are provided with all the resources they need to succeed, including a detailed, scripted presentation; supporting documents; and marketing materials. IMA also conducts training sessions for all Campus Influencers to allow those who join the program to feel comfortable in their new role.

Interested in becoming a Campus Influencer? Contact for more information.

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