1. Vivo Desk Converter

The VIVO DESK-V000V 36" stand-up desk converter has enough room for single or dual monitor/laptop setups on its 36" 5 22" desktop along with a 25" 5 10.5" keyboard tray that rises as a two-tiered desktop. Height adjustments range from 6.5" to 17". Dual pneumatic springs with Lift Assist let you easily raise the desktop with a simple touch height-locking mechanism. The keyboard platform is removable if you only want to use the top desktop. There are cable clips and zip ties to move the computer cables out of the way. The weight capacities are 33 lbs. for the desktop and 4 lbs. for the keyboard tray. Standing desks aren’t just for those suffering back pain. Research has shown that sitting for long periods of time isn’t good for your overall health, and a report from the Society for Human Resource Management lists standing desks as the fastest-growing employee benefit in U.S. workplaces. www.vivo-us.com

2. Logitech Computer Speakers

The Logitech Z407 computer speaker system features immersive sound with two speakers, a subwoofer, and a wireless control that lets you tap and spin to play, pause, and control volume and bass within its Bluetooth 65" line of sight range. The 80W peak power for the speakers is balanced with a 20W bass. The two oval speakers can be placed vertically or horizontally to accommodate the best balance in your room, and there’s the option to switch between wired and wireless connections with the wired input button and Bluetooth button on the back of the speakers. You can connect up to three devices via Bluetooth, micro-USB, and the 3.5mm input for cable jacks. The system works with Windows, Mac, or Chrome computers. The speakers are about 4" 5 8", and the subwoofer is about 9" 5 9". www.logitech.com

3. Sonos Roam Speaker

For those at home working in various locations who are tired of the weak speaker output on their laptops, the Sonos Roam speaker is designed for portability. It’s just a little more than 6" tall and weighs less than a pound. What makes this Bluetooth speaker different is the excellent sound for which Sonos is famous. The Roam has Sonos’s automatic Trueplay tuning that adapts its sound to the surroundings and content. You get up to 10 hours of play on a charge, and the shock-absorbent materials of the speaker are IP67 rated for dust and water resistance. There are LED lights to show if the microphone is active, whether it’s connected to Wi-Fi, and a blue light indicates whether you’re using Bluetooth. The Roam supports USB and Qi-compatible wireless charging. www.sonos.com

4. Lampat LED Desk Lamp

The Lampat LED Desk Lamp has four lighting modes, five levels of brightness, a touch-sensitive control panel, a one-hour auto-off timer, and a USB charging port for your phone, and it’s reasonably priced under $40. The four lighting modes are labeled Reading, Study, Relax, and Sleep with each step down adding more warmth to the light. The color rendering index is more than 90—better than most LED lamps, which are at less than 70. The design of the lamp prevents glare on screens. The lamp’s dimensions are 18.5" 5 7" 5 2.5", and it weighs 2.77 lbs. The 10W lamp offers low power consumption. www.amazon.com

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