The Spot-r system from Triax provides critical visibility across an entire construction site in real time. Three kinds of tags create zone-based location of workers, location and activity of equipment, and evacuation alerts in emergencies. The network uses a proprietary radio band that penetrates walls and floors. The Spot-r Clip (pictured) worn by personnel connects back to central computers for badge-in and badge-out on the worksite; audible evacuation alerts; immediate slip, trip, or fall notifications; and push-button connectivity to report accidents. The Spot-r EquipTag mounts on any equipment and, with its 24" infrared proximity sensor, can detect the presence and identity of an operator. Like the Spot-r worker clip, it has a six-month rechargeable battery. Spot-r EvacTags can notify an entire jobsite in the event of an emergency evacuation with bright emergency LED lighting and a 100-decibel alarm. It mounts to a number of surfaces and can be placed near exits and muster points on the site. Evacuation alerts are sent simultaneously to EvacTags and Spot-r Clips on the belts of personnel. www.triaxtec.com


The award-winning Bit­defender Antivirus Plus 2018 does much more than just trap and remove viruses, worms, and spyware. Available for both Windows and Mac, the basic package protects your data with multilayer ransomware protection that places files out of reach of encryption malware. It scans for security holes and vulnerabilities with a single click and provides secure browsing. Additional tools include a file shredder that will permanently delete a file without traces and a password manager that lets you safely store multiple passwords, credit-card information, and other personal data while allowing you to autofill online forms. An anti-phishing function sniffs and blocks websites that contact you with counterfeit requests for passwords or credit-card information. ­www.bitdefender.com


This second edition of Bitdefender’s Box 2 is a hardware solution for all your internet-connected devices, including IoT devices like security cameras and baby monitors. A security hub that you install alongside any router or as a standalone secure router, it scans all network traffic for malicious activity, and it uses numerous security levels including exploit detection, anomaly detection, and brute-force protection. Machine-learning algorithms protect your IoT devices by determining normal behavior and reporting anomalies. Bitdefender Total Security software is loaded on your computers, smartphones, and tablets, and you control your entire system with the Bitdefender Central app on your smartphone. The Box includes an annual subscription to the Bitdefender software. www.bitdefender.com


The new Apple HomePod is a great speaker with a number of limitations. It’s expensive ($349), and if you’re an Android user or a Spotify subscriber, or if you don’t have a recent iPhone, you might want to review the setup and music services before buying. Also, oddly Siri on this smart device can’t do all the things it can do on your Apple computer devices. That said, it’s a remarkable speaker with 360° sound that can adjust its sound output depending on where it’s placed. Seven tweeters and six microphones are arranged around the interior, and a high-excursion woofer sits at the top crowned with an Apple A8 chip. www.apple.com

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