The reMarkable Tablet looks like a large, very slim ebook reader, but it’s actually a writing tablet with 100,000 blank pages for all of your notes, charts, and drawings in one aluminum-backed notebook that weighs about 0.75 lb. The product’s motto sums up its reason for being: Better paper for better thinking (see the Tech Forum column this month for the connection between thought and cursive writing). It uses E-ink Carta technology, and unlike a lighted screen, its pages use reflected light in the same way paper does. You can work in bright sunlight as well as indoor lighting. What’s unique to this tablet is engineering that’s created the look, feel, and even sound of actually writing on paper. A matte, canvas-like surface friction wears down the white nibs of the pencil just like paper wears down graphite in cedar pencils. It’s totally different from the silent sliding of Apple’s Pencil over an iPad’s glass surface. You can read and mark up PDFs and ebooks on the reMarkable, but the device is primarily for notes and drawing, with more than 60 templates from college-ruled pages, storyboards, calendar, and various grids. The pen has tilt detection and 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity and can create pencil, pen, highlight, and brush effects with 1,872 × 1,404 resolution. www.remarkable.com


Logitech’s new Keys-To-Go offer an assortment of thin, ultralight portable keyboards for use with your phone, tablet, or media center. Only 9.5" across and 0.25" thick, these Bluetooth keyboards are designed to be slipped into a backpack, purse, or briefcase. Instant connect and silent keystrokes make them suitable almost anywhere for texting, email, or just writing or blogging. The battery provides up to three months of use (typing two hours a day) before the indicator light calls for a USB-connected recharge. The keys are sealed with a cover that protects against spills, bumps, and scrapes and can be cleaned up with a damp cloth. The keyboards weigh a little more than 6 oz. and come in black, smoky blue, blush pink, or stone. They connect to all Bluetooth-enabled devices. www.logitech.com


The Nest Cam IQ indoor is a very smart home monitoring device that includes a large speaker to accommodate the built-in Google Assistant. As a security camera, it not only sees clearly, but it can recognize faces to distinguish between family and others. It can zoom in to provide an even better view when you are looking in from a remote location on your phone, and it has HD Talk and Listen so you can speak to whoever is there. The camera features an 8-megapixel (4K) color sensor with a 12X digital zoom with enhanced close-up tracking. The field of view is 130° diagonal, and it has night vision with high-power LEDs in the light ring. The high-quality speaker is matched with a three-microphone array. https://nest.com/cameras


The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL produces extra-large 4" international shipping and warehouse labels, as well as labels for file folders and name badges. You can print USPS-approved postage with the DYMO Productivity software, which is included. It operates at speeds up to 129-labels-per-minute per four-row label and doesn’t require ink—it’s a thermal printer. It can handle barcodes and postage, as well as graphics, logos, and price tags. The software has more than 60 label layouts that can be customized with graphics, and it reads information and fonts from QuickBooks, MS Office, Mac Address Book, and more. www.dymo.com

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