“Diversity and inclusion are vital to the future of the accounting profession, and at IMA, we’ve long encouraged and supported their necessity within our field,” said IMA President and CEO Jeffrey C. Thomson, who, along with NABA President and CEO Jina Etienne, signed the MoU. “Much of what we do at IMA supports moving the accounting profession forward, whether by certification, skills, or overall inclusion, and this marks an important partnership for our organization.”

The MoU expands the current relationship between IMA and NABA and outlines the basis for ongoing cooperation, collaboration, and alignment between the two organizations. Joint webinars, speaking engagements, and alignment on thought leadership, as well as other partnership tactics, will tie into crucial themes such as diversity, certification, and the accounting profession.

“For 48 years, we have been a catalyst for change in the diversity profile of our profession,” Etienne said of her organization. “NABA is uniquely positioned to move the needle in a meaningful way for blacks in the accounting and finance professions, and partnering with IMA will help us accelerate positive change for members in both organizations.”

For more on IMA’s commitment to diversity, see the IMA Diversity and Inclusion Statement at www.imanet.org/about-ima/governance?ssopc=1.

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