Change is something we manage proactively here at IMA® as environments transform and local needs evolve. From automation and artificial intelligence to the rising “gig economy” of specialized contractual workers, the shifts in the business world critically inform how we could best serve you now and in the future.

IMA’s strategic plan for fiscal years 2018-2021, approved by the Global Board of Directors in February, ensures that we’ll be flexible to trends in the profession while executing our core strategy, which we’ll continue to uphold:

  1. Win additional market share with “CMA First,” an aggressive, pipeline-building effort and expansion of the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification in the United States and globally;
  2. Drive member retention and loyalty in all regions by delivering tangible value through relevant programs, products, and services;
  3. Raise awareness in the student/academic market to expand the membership and CMA pipeline and reach the young professional of tomorrow; and
  4. Master technology that directly impacts IMA members and our value proposition.

One example of “sticking to strategy while being flexible” comes through our CMA First campaign in the U.S., now in its second year. Since the campaign began, we’ve seen a 28% increase in the number of new candidates globally and a 12% jump in the U.S. To keep up this momentum, we’ll be tracking geopolitical risks carefully and focusing our business development in China, India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, and German-speaking countries in addition to the U.S.

We’ll also find new ways to retain members. As the gig economy redefines traditional concepts of work life, we’ll explore ways to support members who are freelancers with operational offerings and additional educational opportunities.

For our students and young professionals, we’ll be taking a deep dive into understanding entry-level and early-career roles, how technology impacts them, and how employer expectations have changed.

To master technology, we’re looking to create an even more personalized web experience in our online network as well as partner with technology-focused companies.

These strategic moves wouldn’t be possible without the close collaborations taking place across IMA. For example, our recent Global Business Development Summit brought together business development, marketing, and international teams—including the heads of each IMA region—to share best practices, analyze trends, and develop ideas for next steps.

We look forward to executing a strategy that’s even more responsive to business climates and to your needs. The world will shift, but one thing that won’t change is our commitment to supporting you throughout your career.

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