B: Bust myths to identify and break through underlying assumptions about employees and generations. Make an effort to understand and value different work needs, values, and styles. Focus on positive intent.

R: Real deal. Foster authentic, caring relationships with your team. Stay interested and show respect for team members as people. Create emotional connections by sharing your experiences and showing your personality and strengths. Ask questions and show genuine gratitude each day.

I: “I own it” mind-set. Be personally accountable for driving results. Operate from your foundation and individual strengths to lead team success. Get out of the blame game, and put the spotlight on yourself first when problems arise.

D: Deliver value through understanding, mentorship, and coaching others. Have a shared vision and goals that create alignment. Shift to being a mentor, and create an environment that encourages questions and pushes people beyond their comfort zones. Get rid of your ego and make it about others!

G: Goals in mind. Lead with transparency and purpose to increase engagement and trust. Measure to track progress toward shared goals and build a plan to include achievements into new collaborations and innovations.

E: Empower success through leveraging strengths, facilitating efforts, and giving feedback and recognition the right way. Focus on individual growth to help employees develop their strengths, and create a system to challenge high-potential employees. Make future advancement opportunities transparent, create a process for regular performance feedback, and celebrate a team culture that empowers more success and recognition.

This is a book that warrants a wide audience across the workplace. It references a variety of statistics, essays, and other books that are related to many relevant management issues today. The many ideas and exercises can help B.R.I.D.G.E. the gap between generations and help anyone to better coach, manage, and increase productivity in all employees. Save money on a consultant—buy this book instead.

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