As I mentioned in last month’s column, traits such as courage, composure, and competency come to mind when I think of what it takes to become a successful leader and CFO. Yet to become the best leader, volunteer, or professional you can be also requires a daily commitment to learning. In an environment that changes every day in terms of skills, technology, and the way we do business, it’s imperative that you make continuous training and education a priority in your weekly schedule. Quite often we push ourselves in college and early in our career, studying for exams and working on other things, but then we just stop. If you’re in that situation where your learning has come to a halt, I’m challenging you to restore your commitment to learning.

That’s where IMA can walk beside you during your journey of becoming a better professional. There are so many opportunities for our members to better themselves as accountants, business professionals, and leaders. For example, IMA Inside Talk webinars, offered several times per month, deliver valuable training in industry changes, technology developments, and ways to run finance operations more effectively and efficiently. I’ve attained many continuing professional education (CPE) hours through these valuable one-hour offerings.

Another important learning opportunity takes place at our Annual Conference & Expo every June. This Conference is what drew me to IMA when I became a professional member. The numerous hours of professional education delivered on a variety of topics makes the Conference a very special event. Over the years, I’ve learned so much about accounting and leadership from a macro perspective at this gathering. This year’s Annual Conference is in Las Vegas, and it should be a fantastic learning event once again.

There are many other opportunities to learn and develop your skills through IMA offerings. Strategic Finance magazine, knowledge-based research studies on industry trends, and CPE products on a variety of topics such as ethics, internal controls, effective communication skills, technology, and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) are just a few of the additional resources available to members. Only you can take the first step and make the commitment to become a better professional. With IMA by your side, I know you can do it!

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