Although I’m now in a position to help guide our association, I’m also very much aware that, like all of you, I’m also still just a member—that is, someone who pays annual dues and wants value from that check I write (or button I push in these days of computer renewals). It’s certainly clear to me, as I hope it is to all of you, that IMA delivers on its promise of value—in abundance.

In case anyone needs a reminder, however, here are some of the many benefits that IMA offers us, the members:

CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification. Perhaps IMA’s greatest asset, the CMA is recognized around the world as the gold standard for management accountants seeking to deliver value to their organizations and become trusted business advisors. The CMA credential is strong: We now have the highest number of candidates ever enrolled in the program and have just set a record for certifications awarded.

Networking. Simply by being an IMA member, you enjoy access to a network of more than 80,000 professionals—fellow management accountants who work in a variety of organizations around the world. Use this network to gain insights into and assistance with dilemmas, both big and small, you face on the job.

Leadership training. Our monthly Inside Talk webinars, provided through the IMA Leadership Academy, and various other professional development opportunities enable all members to access resources that enhance their leadership capabilities and confidence.

Career planning and development tools. To help IMA members navigate the often choppy waters of career transitioning and planning, this year we introduced our CareerDriver® tool. This online resource matches a member’s skills and qualifications with popular job titles, and it’s available free to all members.

Conferences and regional events. In addition to the IMA Annual Conference & Expo (we just concluded a great one in Las Vegas) and the Annual Student Leadership Conference in November, many chapters and councils host a variety of popular conferences and events. I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities in your local area.

That’s just a quick overview, of course. As your new Chair, I’d like to continue to build on the success we’ve achieved during the past year. My goal is to help move IMA higher up the ladder in terms of global recognition and influence. With your help, we can achieve it.

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