Some organizations have strategic plans that sit on a shelf and gather dust, but IMA® will deliver on our strategic plan with a relentless and unwavering focus on member value. That’s a commitment. In my September column, I discussed the importance of strong financial reserves to invest in you, the critical role of innovation in redefining your member experience, and the plan to deliver new and exciting products. I’m thrilled to share the products and services we’ve launched in only two short months.

CareerDriver With 40 job titles, 28 individual competencies, and more than 700 resources, this online assessment and career management tool will help members evaluate their current skill set, build a personalized development plan from a variety of resources (self-study courses, webinars, publications, and on-the-job activities), and match their skills to specific management accounting roles. Launched October 14, CareerDriver takes the guesswork out of career planning and will assist members in taking the next step toward reaching their career goals.

Thought Leadership With a newly redesigned webpage, nine focused topic areas, two new Statements on Management Accounting (SMAs), and one new research report for accounting and financial professionals, IMA’s thought leadership has an invigorated look, feel, and purpose. Implementing an Effective Risk Appetite, Forensic Analytics and Management Accountants, and Flexible Budgeting Applied to Sustainability Measurements are only the first few releases in our arsenal of new research.

Also, as part of our multiyear signature research initiative with global strategic partner ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), we’ve launched a new joint research platform called The Future Today, The first IMA/ACCA signature research report, SoMoClo, explores the effects of the convergence of social, mobile, and cloud technologies on consumers and describes opportunities and challenges for our profession. Together, we’ve made it our obligation to serve the public interest and enhance the capability of CFOs and their teams everywhere.

IMA Learning Center Resources To further develop professionals and their teams, IMA created a new course, Ethics Series: Blinded by Pressure. This interactive ethics course illustrates unethical management accounting practices through a real-world case study of alleged financial fraud, showing how pressures to achieve can impact sound judgment negatively and compromise ethics. This course allows viewers to identify potential financial fraud in real-life situations and explore alternative methods of achieving corporate goals legitimately.

IMA’s healthy financial reserves and a commitment to innovation are leading to increased value for you, but you are the ultimate judge as to our success in this area. I welcome your thoughts.

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