This June, we will gather in San Antonio, Texas, for IMA’s Americas Accounting & Finance Conference (IMA24). Our theme this year, “Inspire Tomorrow,” couldn’t be more fitting, as we stand at a pivotal moment for accounting and finance, digital transformation, and sustainability—three pillars that will shape the future of our profession, our organizations, and our society.

Recently, the imperative for sustainability has shifted from being merely a buzzword to becoming an integral component of corporate strategy and financial decision making. The call for businesses to adopt a long-term view has grown louder, driven by regulatory changes, evolving shareholder expectations, and the recognition that sustainability is not only just a social good but also about resilience and profitability.

As accounting and finance professionals, we're uniquely positioned to lead this charge. Our expertise in financial management, risk management, digital transformation, and performance measurement equips us with the tools to drive meaningful change and create value. This is evident by the record number of CFOs being elevated to CEO positions.

At this year’s conference, we’ll offer a comprehensive program that explores the intersection of sustainability, technology, and accounting and finance. From keynote presentations to interactive workshops, we’ll delve into topics such as AI, change management, data analytics, sustainability reporting, and career management. Our aim is not only to educate and inspire but also to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of accounting and finance through the next decade.

A highlight of this year’s conference is our lineup of esteemed speakers who are leading voices in the field of accounting and finance. This includes change strategist and best-selling author Michael McQueen, Microsoft’s engineering finance lead Pooja Sund, and member of the IMA Global Board of Directors and co-CEO of Surplus, Femke Aarts. From industry leaders to academic experts, our conference speakers will share their insights, experiences, and best practices, providing you with invaluable perspectives that you can apply in your own organizations.

Moreover, this conference provides a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration. By connecting with fellow professionals, you can exchange ideas, share success stories, and forge partnerships that will drive collective action toward a more sustainable future. Together, we can leverage the power of our profession to catalyze positive change and inspire others to follow suit.

As we come together at IMA24 to “Inspire Tomorrow,” let’s not forget the broader impact of our actions. Beyond the confines of boardrooms and balance sheets, our decisions have far-reaching consequences for future generations. I invite you to seize this opportunity to engage, learn, and collaborate to harness the power of our collective expertise and position ourselves and our organizations for long-term success.

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