The passion she developed for her cause connected her with a new sense of purpose. In her book, Piturro encourages readers to develop the courage to find and dedicate themselves to their true purpose and also offers several helpful insights to develop leadership skills that can be used both personally and professionally at any career stage.

“You don’t need to see the whole path before you—you just need to take the first step and trust that the next ones will be revealed.” Piturro reminds us that every journey begins with one small step.

Each small step your team takes toward a goal builds confidence and trust as small “successes” begin to make the larger goals seem more possible.

“Oh, and remember, you will feel fear, but just do it anyway.” Overcoming initial doubts or insecurities can make that first step hard, but Piturro offers sage advice and instructs her readers to push through fear.  

“Don’t wait until you’re falling off the ledge to ask for some advice. Forget pride, get over the embarrassment of asking for help.” The most inspiring leaders encourage their team members to ask for help when it’s needed. While many leaders struggle to ask for help themselves, the best means to encourage this behavior in others is to lead by example.

“Communication is the next step to the all-important feat of establishing trust where true camaraderie can occur.” Leaders who prioritize good communication develop teams who are more engaged and less resistant to changes within the organization when faced with obstacles or difficult goals.

“We need to feel respected and appreciated.” Good communication is an important part of helping every member of the team feel respected and appreciated. In environments where there’s poor communication, the team often feels disconnected and undervalued.

“Leadership is measured not by how much you advance, but by how much you advance others.” This is a big one. Servant leadership styles have become popular in recent years. Good leaders who make the effort to support their team may find it easier to motivate and inspire them.

“Leaders empower others to tell their stories. Lead with compassion; you will inspire others to do the same.” When you empower those around you to live and work with authenticity and transparency, the impact is exponential. The good is multiplied by each person under your influence who connects with those within their influence.

Piturro has shared her journey with us, and anyone who aspires to be a great leader should read her book to understand how small decisions and acts can lead to big results.

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