I first discovered IMA® and its vibrant community shortly after moving from my home in Pakistan to study in Dubai. I was a passionate young professional committed to creating positive change, and IMA helped me connect with like-minded individuals in a new country. As my involvement with the organization grew, the exciting possibilities that opened up for me led to a life-changing experience.


The encouragement of my local IMA community gave me the support and confidence to become a global volunteer leader. That led to my selection to participate in the Young Professional Leadership Experience (YPLE) program in 2021. This was a pivotal moment that taught me invaluable lessons in leadership, communication, and professionalism—lessons that have helped me in my career and in life.


With the support of IMA—as well as the people I met through this amazing leadership opportunity—I’ve tapped into my potential to make a global impact. As one of five young professionals from around the world who comprised the YPLE cohort, I found a platform to express my views and contribute to IMA’s mission of advancing the management accounting profession. The experience also strengthened my belief in the power of community and collaboration to drive positive change. Indeed, through my work with IMA, I’ve been able to see firsthand the impact that individuals and organizations can have on the world.


My experience with the YPLE led me to become even more involved in IMA’s mission and goals. Soon after being selected for the YPLE, I was asked to join IMA’s Sustainable Business Management Global Task Force. This task force seeks to advocate on behalf of the profession before governments, regulatory authorities, and other organizations regarding sustainable business management and the perspectives of accountants and financial professionals in business. Through my work on this task force, I contribute to IMA’s mission to educate its members and the global business community about sustainable business information and management.


Today, I’m committed to using my knowledge and experience to make a lasting impact in the world. The experience and knowledge I’ve gained has even led me to pursue a Ph.D. in sustainability to apply my passion to help businesses contribute positively to society and the environment. It’s been an incredible journey of discovery, and I’m excited to continue making a difference with IMA by my side.

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