It was the family motto of Sir Ernest Shackleton, and the phrase gave name to the ship used for his world-famous polar expedition. Amazingly, on March 5 this year, a search team found the Endurance wreck deep beneath the icy seas of Antarctica. Those magical pictures reminded me that success is always a product of time, patience, and determination and that it’s in our nature to explore the unknown.   Shackleton’s Antarctic voyage is one of history’s most incredible tales about discovery, leadership, and perseverance. In 1914, Shackleton and his crew of 27 sailed to the Antarctic in the hopes of being the first to cross the last uncharted continent. After hitting unpassable ice floes that sank their vessel, they were forced to abandon ship. What followed was an 18-month ordeal. Miraculously, the entire team survived. Although Shackleton failed at the original mission, he left a much greater legacy by leading his men to safety—one that we can celebrate today as a great example of team spirit, endurance, and personal leadership. Sometimes victory doesn’t go to the smartest or the most gifted but to the one who refuses to yield.   There’s something to be said about simply hanging in, both in business and in learning. It’s important to support each other and to stay confident and hopeful when things are challenging. I’m sure that in today’s world, your organization is also looking for new ways to stay healthy and adaptable during these volatile and uncertain economic times. The need for strong accounting and finance experts to steer business results has never been higher. Make sure that you’re fit for purpose, well trained, and ready to embark on the journey. The trip may last longer than you think, and you may need to learn new skills for your own and for your team’s survival.   Be a modern explorer and investigate what IMA® can offer to help you with your aspirations. Consider earning your CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) if you aren’t one already or take advantage of the hundreds of continuing professional education (CPE) courses, webinars, podcasts, and more that you have access to as an IMA member. The more equipped you are as a professional, the better you can lead your organization to reach new territories. Expect the unexpected, and be on the lookout for new grounds where you can showcase your effectiveness and agility.   More than a century after his fateful voyage, Shackleton can still serve as a source of inspiration. To keep morale high, Shackleton made sure to celebrate small daily successes, and he kept a calendar of important dates. What are your learning plans for the remainder of the year, and in which relevant areas are you going to accumulate your CPE hours? Make a list of your objectives and study intentions, then track your progress. Most importantly, have fun learning new skills and discovering newfound treasures.  

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