With 1,953 students attending presentations at 78 events at 61 schools this year, the Campus Influencers program has grown considerably in the last year. Several Campus Influencers showed excellence in their impact and commitment:  

Kim Dera

John Fortin, CMA

Thomas Francl, CMA

Heidi Higgins

Carol Magner-Mitchell, CMA

Peter Sheldrick, CMA

James L. Smith

Jimmie Smith, CPA

  These invaluable team members have gone above and beyond in their efforts to spread the word about management accounting and all that IMA has to offer.   Are you interested in becoming a Campus Influencer or setting up a campus visit? The program provides Campus Influencers with a “turnkey” approach, which includes a detailed, scripted presentation; supporting documents; and marketing materials. IMA also provides a step-by-step process for reaching out to colleges and universities and maintaining the relationship over time. See “Are You an Influencer?” (http://bit.ly/2EW4bJF) in the August 2016 issue of Strategic Finance magazine or send an email to campusinfluencers@imanet.org.
Further reading: http://sfmagazine.com/post-entry/august-2016-are-you-an-influencer/

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