How, then, has each of us taken our professional aspirations to such heights? Where we make careers out of the chance to learn about and overcome adversity? Where we face and solve puzzles like reforecasts and budgets, term sheets, academic research, blockchain, and integrated reporting? The answer lies in the heart of each CMA and CSCA: our fervor for continuous learning.

When a CMA joins your team, you can be assured that he or she will stay on top of the latest trends, technical guidance, and methodologies for being a successful strategic advisor. To the tune of 30 hours annually—the number of mandatory continuing professional education (CPE) credits—CMAs can fulfill this requirement online at the IMA Education Center, which features quality and relevant subjects such as ethics, technical trends, and even preparing for the CSCA exam.

But the highlight of IMA’s continuing education offerings is the Annual Conference & Expo (ACE2018), which this year will be held June 16-20 at the JW Marriott Indianapolis. It’s a great chance for us to stay current with and meet our continuing education requirements while experiencing top-tier networking events with fellow management accountants and industry leaders. With nine specialty learning tracks—the eight tracks we introduced successfully last year plus a new one on Strategy and Competitive Analysis—ACE2018 participants will hear personally from top CEOs, inspirational public figures, and even members of our most respected U.S. federal agencies overseeing the nation’s commerce.

ACE2018 will also kick off a yearlong celebration of IMA’s centennial, which will culminate at our 2019 Annual Conference & Expo next June in San Diego, Calif. And it will provide a chance for members and other attendees to hear directly from staff and volunteer leaders alike about the growth and impact your IMA is having around the world.

As a proud CMA and your Global Chair, I’ll be in Indianapolis in June, and I hope to see you there, too! You can visit to see the Conference details and sign up.

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