Strategic Finance is moving from a monthly publishing cycle to publishing new content weekly. Readers are encouraged to visit regularly to view any newly released content. With this change, Strategic Finance will no longer publish its digital turn-the-page edition.


To ensure you don’t miss any new stories, readers are encouraged to sign up for weekly SF Alerts to get updates about the latest articles delivered straight to your inbox. For those who like to read the issue all at once, we’ll also be making a searchable (and printable) PDF available for download at the end of each month that will contain everything published that month.


These changes follow the refresh to the website earlier this year, which provides an improved reader experience and streamlined organization. The new publishing schedule will enable the magazine to embed supplemental content and bonus materials directly into the magazine, something that wasn’t possible with the print format.


Strategic Finance will continue to develop special themed issues as well. August 2023, for example, will be Accounting Education month. Look for articles each week covering a range of education topics, including teaching management accounting competencies, adding data analytics to cost accounting curricula, and embracing ChatGPT and AI to enhance accounting education.


For questions about these changes, please contact IMA Member Services at

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